Play-Fight Spring Intensive – Vienna

by Formless Arts | 28th April to 1st May 2018
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– The Non-Resistance Practice –

A self-empowering physical practice that weaves together cooperative qualities of any type of partner dance with highly refined confrontational principles from internal martial arts. The exploration goes beyond the fringes of mere physicality. The reciprocal mirroring through the physical drills leads the practice into a deep space of self-discovery, for acknowledging and revealing myriad aspects in human interactions and expressions. The core guidance is to learn how to preserve own integrity and inner calm under controlled stress-induced events while being engaged through playfully confrontational interactions. The embodiment of principles of non-resistance and non-violence is at the top of all achievements for allowing flow to be embodied, returning thus to our original state of being.

– efficiency vs effectiveness
– kinetic power vs internal power
– physical contact vs connectedness
– intention vs intent
– principles of non-resistance and effortlessness
– fight vs play
– gravity practice
– falling as a state of being

28.04. 11-18:00
29.04. 11-18:00
30.04. 10-15:00
01.05. 11-18:00

Where: Vienna, Austria

5 first registrations: 220 euros
2 discounts for international participants: 190 euros (upon application)
Regular fee: 260 euros

[email protected]

Originally from Rio de Janeiro Bruno started practicing a vast array of physical practices at the age of 8, such as capoeira, contact-improvisation, contemporary dance, acrobatics, taiji, qi-gong and russian martial arts – systema, just to mention a few. In 1994 Bruno started teaching/sharing passionately and tirelessly his life experiences with people from all walks of life in more than 30 countries. He authored Formless Arts, an umbrela for Play-Fight and Liquid Body practices as a result of a vision that questions our crystalized concepts while at the same time interweaving a multitude of disciplines and tribes through a common thread. Currently Bruno is based in Russia where he is given the privilege to learn internal martial arts and other concealed knowledge from renowned russian masters.

Formless Arts

Formless Arts is a collaborative space created by Bruno Caverna that aims for an intermingling, integration and communication between all kind of art-forms and various practices from the very source

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Müllnergasse 23-25
Wien 1090 Wien AT
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Dates: 28.04. 11-18:00 29.04. 11-18:00 30.04. 10-15:00 01.05. 11-18:00

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