Formless Arts Study Program

by Formless Arts | from 26th March to 2nd April 2018
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We are now designing the first official Formless Arts Study Program, starting this coming March in occasion of the very first gathering !!

Motivation from us:
Attend an ever-growing amount of requests, particularly from those who have been experienced and inspired by Play-Fight, Liquid-Body and Becoming Animal practices, and wish to get an opportunity to study in-depth the Formless Arts internal processes and its philosophical concepts.

An intensive study program composed by theoretical and practical segments. Although Play-Fight and Liquid Body are the main vehicle for the practical studies, the program encompasses a much broader perspective and domains of research. Along the course we will visit various correlated disciplines, often only briefly exposed in the regular classes. Topics such as combat psychology and its therapeutic benefits, ontology, consciousness studies and contemplative mind, life-as-a-play perspective, water studies according to Viktor Schauberger and Theodor Schwenk views, Biotensegrity amongst others are at the core of our line of investigation. As our attitude, though, is one of openness and of humble curiosity towards the unknown, the direction to follow might be well influenced by the collective engagement, sincere inquiries and spontaneous contributions along the process.

At the present moment the Study Program offers two different categories of enrollment and commitment:

If you wish to receive the complete OUTLINE with all detailed info on the two lines of study and about the structure of the Program in general, please write to [email protected]



From 26th to 31st March: Formless Arts Practitioner line
From 26th to 2nd April: Play-Fight Facilitator line

Anghiari (Tuscany) – Italy

5 days-Formless Arts Practitioner : 350€
7 days-Play-Fight Facilitator: 440€

The fee includes:
3 meals p/d
Accommodation in shared rooms
Daily training – 8 hours p/d

*The economic contribution to take part in this first gathering of the Study Program aims to value the exclusivity of the event, but at the same time wants to accommodate as much as possible each participant to be able to keep cultivating the practice through the other events.

It is important to be aware that the type of investment and commitment will follow individual pace and availability, therefore the structure itself of the Program and its general requirements will accordingly adapt and change over time.

In order to support those people who are willing to participate in several training opportunities while being part of the Study Program, we offer for this first year a 10% discount on the regular fee for major events (Camps & Immersion).
Moreover there will be the possibility during the days after the main Play-Fight workshops in Europe, to have some extra time of exclusive training (priority for the pedagogical line)

Important !!

In occasion of this very first stepping stone of the Program, the selection will be quite specific, giving the priority to those people who have been manifesting sincere interest and great dedication over time. For this reason places are limited. However we would like to invite everyone to apply and share with us their willingness to join the Program. We will carefully consider each application, trying to welcome you all in according to your requests and motivations, if not this time, it could be for the next edition of the gathering.

In order to apply write to [email protected] for receiving the Application Form.

Formless Arts

Formless Arts is a collaborative space created by Bruno Caverna that aims for an intermingling, integration and communication between all kind of art-forms and various practices from the very source

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Dates: Monday 26th March to 2nd April 2018

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